About Us


BioOregon Protein (BOP) captures the goodness of marine fish and shellfish in a variety of natural and nutritious animal feed ingredients and fertilizers.  Many of our ingredients are novel, while others compete as commodities.  With all of our products, we focus our development and production on inclusion of attributes our customers can use to improve the quality and value of their feeds and fertilizers.  Examples of these attributes include high protein content to improve amino acid quality and quantity, low ash levels to reduce both specific and overall mineral content, supplemental levels of marine oils to enhance omega-3 DHA and EPA content, validation of flavor and label claims, and compliance with USDA’s National Organic Program standard.

We develop, manufacture and market sustainable, fish-based ingredients for improving quality and value in pet food, aquaculture diets and animal feeds.  In addition, we produce specialty proteins for fermentation, and fish and shellfish-based organic fertilizers.

We derive all of our products from fresh cuttings of seafood harvested and processed for human consumption.  Utilizing only fresh cuttings as raw material, means our products are wholesome and independent of the traditional fishmeal industry.  It is the right thing to do as it improves utilization and conservation of valuable marine resources.

We first converted fish offal into salable, commercial products in 1937.  Early products we manufactured included natural vitamin A oil, medicinal creams, mink feeds, and traditional fish, crab and shrimp meals.  Since then, we have developed salmon and trout feeds, pet food flavors, fish and shellfish-based organic fertilizers, and novel high protein fishmeal and protein concentrates.  Our processing is unique as we use a variety of proprietary manufacturing approaches.

We are committed to meeting or exceeding the expectations of all customers and markets we serve.  Our mission is to provide substantial and reliable supplies of sustainable fish and shellfish-based products that support innovative solutions for today’s feeding, formulation and fertilizing challenges.


For more than 70 years, BOP has been a fixture in the Northern Oregon Coast.  In business at our current location in Warrenton since 1946, our physical facility encompasses 10 acres adjacent to the Columbia River and comprises manufacturing, research, on-site maintenance and warehousing.  Since the earliest days of our existence, we have been involved in processing marine fish and shellfish by-products obtained from regional seafood processors.  From Vitamin A extraction from salmon liver for human dietary supplements to assisting in the development and manufacture of the Oregon Moist Pellets for aquaculture, and the production of highly digestible fish protein and fish oil for aquaculture, pet food and animal feeds, BOP has a significant breadth of experience.  We produce both de-boned and bone-in fishmeal depending on our clients’ requirements.  Our personnel have extensive technical capability and years of manufacturing experience in whole fish and rest raw material utilization, which has contributed to our market adaptability and product value.

Since our parent company, Pacific Seafood, purchased our facility more than a decade ago, we have continuously improved our technology and expanded our scope of processing.  In April 2017, Pacific Seafood purchased another facility located in Newport, Pacific Bio Products (PBP). PBP processes traditional fishmeal from Pacific whiting.  This facility operates seasonally and has increased our volume and production capability.

As with all Pacific Seafood facilities, BOP and PBP have rigorous quality assurance program that strives to always deliver the highest quality products available.  We work closely with state and federal regulatory agencies to ensure that our quality program is the best it can be and remains ahead of the competition.  Customers are also welcome to audit our facilities to ensure we meet or exceed your highest standards.

Inherent in our mission is our commitment to sustainability and traceability.  The fisheries targeted are certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and our processes provide commercial outlets for the whole fish.  Our raw product comes to us directly from our parent company, which guarantees traceability from the boat to final packaging.

Our raw materials are 100% natural, and we have a variety of products that qualify for an organic label.

Quality Assurance

We operate an active, comprehensive quality assurance program including all aspects of raw material sourcing, manufacturing, physical plant utilization, product specifications, and finished product inventory and disposition.